Wilshire Subway Extension

Authors: UCLA School of Public Health

Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

Photo Credit: http://www.metro.net/projects/westside/
The proposed Metro Westside Subway Extension project would provide transit service to nearly 300,000 commuters and potentially transform the urban landscape along the proposed route.

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Summary of the HIA

Proposed Policy or Project

The proposed Westside Subway Extension project would extend the existing subway system to the westside of Los Angeles, along the densely developed and congested Wilshire Boulevard corridor. 

Background and Policy Context

The US Department of Transportation Federal Transit Authority and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority are conducting an environmental impact study (EIR/EIS) of alternative routes and station designs. Separtely, the UCLA Health Impact Assessment Project, in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is conducting a health impact assessment of transit options along the Wilshire Corridor, including but not limited to the proposed project. The health impact asssessment includes extensive review of the draft EIR/EIS. 

Scope and Methods


Summary of Findings


Decisions/Actions following the release of the HIA


Products Produced


Background Reports


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Project Manager

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